Traffic Sources

Apr 2, 2012 | Random

I just looked at my analytics and it looks like about 60% of people who come to this blog do so after searching for things like “blondie recipe” or “Reese’s cheesecake recipe.”

For all those people, I hope you like the recipes, and I apologize for all the weird other stuff (jokes, boring academic stuff, whatever), which, as far as I can tell, doesn’t usually accompany a bunch of blog posts with baking recipes.

I haven’t posted a recipe in like a year and a half or something (I’m lazy and never try baking anything new anymore. This is also because I just like tonnes of sugar and have completely unrefined taste buds), but look at the tag cloud:

For those of you reading from the future, if my actual tag cloud looks much different–and I actually hope that it will–the above screenshot is from today, 2 April 2012.