Ideas for Happy Stories

Jun 5, 2011 | Jokes

  • A mail man and a dog learn to set aside their differences, and together they raise $10,000 for charity.
  • When a suicidal, divorced mathematician thinks life can’t get any worse, he stumbles upon a time machine, goes back in time, and watches his parents fall in love. Then he takes some pictures of dinosaurs. Then he goes to ancient Greece and sells an iPod in exchange for palace filled with gold.
  • A young man helps an older lady cross a busy street. The two of them fall in love and open a bakery.
  • A starving man finds a discarded stack of coupons behind the coupon factory, each for a free scoop of ice cream. Then he discovers why they were thrown out: nowhere on the coupons does it say “limit one per customer.”
  • A bus driver gets promoted and gets to drive around in a shiny new bus. He also gets to yell at the other bus drivers, but he doesn’t, because he’s a pretty nice guy, and he’s just really happy all the time, because he and his wife have an awesome sex life.
  • A kind-yet-awkward nerd defeats a murderer in a spelling bee.
  • On Monday, a man buys a new boat. Excited, he is about to take it out on the water when he receives an anonymous message warning him that if he goes boating today, he will die. So he waits until Tuesday, then he has a pleasant ride on his new boat.
  • A camp counselor hates his job, so he quits.