My genius idea for a House reboot

May 13, 2012 | Jokes

My idea for a House reboot is actually just House, but every character (except the patient of the week) is literally House. It’s never explained why the different copies of House exist, or why they have to take on different roles on the team or in the hospital, or why one copy of House would agree to take orders from another. They just do. Also, the patient of the week never comments on the fact that he or she has entered a strange reality where every other human being except him or herself is Hugh Laurie. They just have, okay? Even the patient of the week’s significant other is another copy of House.

Because of the new format, there are obviously no annoying attempts by every character to “diagnose” the personality quirks of every other character, because everyone is House, and House knows what makes House tick, so what’s the point? The show is one-third House playing pranks on other versions of himself, one-third him dealing with the patient of the week, and one-third clinic hours.

A hockey team full of Wilsons can guest star, sometimes.